Security: Our experienced personnel carry out an external weekly security check, emailing our client with a security report. We can also include internal maintenance inspection administering immediate “first aid” to resolve any emergencies. Our inspections include appliances are working, including the toilets and waste systems, and we check for leaks, storm damage, and any pest infestation.

Keyholding: the Secure holding of your property keys.

Emergencies: We are contactable in person on a 24-hour-a-day basis, by telephone, Skype, and email.

Insurance: We are able to arrange property and other insurances at competitive rates with a local company.

Incoming Owners and Guests: We will ensure that when you arrive all the appliances have been turned on including hot water, fridge freezer, etc.

Information Service: Before and during your stay, we can supply you and your guests with the latest information on local events and places of interest to visit.

Postal Collection: We will collect post on your behalf and forward it to your home address if requested.

Administration and Representation services: we help our clients deal with their local authorities, utilities, and other suppliers. Translating documents into their native language and acting as their ambassador when they are unavailable here in Spain. We also liaise with the local police, particulate in respect of minor traffic offences such as safety camera penalties.

Special Occasions: We are happy to arrange flowers and gifts for your special anniversaries and corporate events making your stay memorable. We are also pleased to make reservations for you at restaurants, the theatre, for shows or for sporting events.

Please contact us now and discuss your individual requirements.