You can build your dream villa in Spain with confidence

If your heart is set on a new villa, or if you are unable to find the right property of your choice and would like to holiday or live in Catalonia Spain. We can design and build your bespoke Spanish villa designed and located to meet your own exact requirements.

We have all dreamed of building or designing our own home. Many of us have also desired a warm, comfortable house in the sun. With the lowest land prices and building costs here in Spain for many years, now is a very practical and cost-effective proposition to have your own purpose-designed and built villa in Spain,

With the right professional help Building your own home is the most exciting and rewarding endeavor for anyone to undertake, creating your own unique lifestyle.

Project Management

Our English and Spanish partnership, working with local architects will meet with you and establish your requirements and expectations, formalising your initial, client brief.

We then prepare an initial client budget incorporating all your expectations, this may also include options for alternative construction methods and finishes, a shopping list of choices, to pick your own personal favorites from, formulating your construction budget.

Once we have established a realistic budget, we then help you find a building plot of your choice and negotiate the best possible price within your budget. Where necessary we can also contribute to arranging the finance and funding for the project.

Working in association with local architect Carles Busquets together we work closely with you preparing the initial concept design through to the construction detail drawings. Ensuring your project complies with the Spanish building regulations and all the local laws.

Construction Costs

Just like anywhere else Spanish house building costs vary enormously depending on the clients individual requirements, the specification, and finishes. Generally, Spanish house building costs here in Catalonia start at around €900 per square metre.

Tender and construction contract, We have a network of trusted contractors who we work with to make sure that our customers attain the most competitive price and have access to the best tradesmen, specialising Spanish building techniques.

Construction Supervision and Control

Contract supervision, We supervise and certify every stage of construction of your Spanish villa. We only approve payments to the contractor when we are satisfied that each part has been constructed in accordance with the Spanish building regulations, specification and contract documents.

Our area of expertise covers the following building types: New houses, villas, extensions and improvements to existing villas and apartments. The repair and restoration of historic buildings.

My Casa harmony partnership, with its team of project managers and architects, will take the stress out of building your Spanish dream villa.

Please contact us now and discuss your individual requirements.